Who We are

In January 2013, our company was established to run major businesses to import and sell
functional raw materials and to sell health functional foods in the industry.

At the time of our establishment in 2013, the well-being became popular in which the quality
of life and healthy life were given top priority. As we became an aging society, the interest in
health was rapidly increased. In addition, health functional foods became to be separately
controlled by “Law for Health Functional Foods”, aside from “Food Sanitation Act” for general food.
On the basis of research & development and individual approval, our company continues to produce and sell
specialized health functional raw materials and products to satisfy the changing market environment.

Since we opened a company-affiliated research institute In February 2014, we have conducted research and
development on finished products of health functional foods and natural materials to be produced and distributed in earnest.
In December 2016, we launched products for the Rhodiola extract which had been previously approved individually.
Based on our future business strategy, our company is currently working on 9 pipe-lines of individual HFFI licensing in MFDS.
In particular, the individual HFFI approved license of joint health, which was one of the major pipelines, was completed in January 2022.

From then on we continue to conduct our research on raw materials based on natural source as a company specializing
in health functional foods.